Long a player in adult education, Hudson River Center has also contributed to the K-12 world. Most specifically, Hudson River Center was heavily involved with New York State's response to the federal School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994. As part of the effort to prepare students for a successful transition from school to work and careers, Hudson River Center developed instructional materials and provided train-the-trainers workshops (described below).

Instructional Design
 Work-based Learning: A Resource Guide for Change  provides resources for developing or further refining work-based learning strategies or components. The first section of the guide contains basic information about work-based learning, including scope, foundation, categories, and operation. The second section provides more detail about various work-based learning activities and presents case studies for each.

 School-to-Work: Raising Standards in New York Presentation Packets  were developed as tools to support school-to-work. Four audiences are targeted: administrators, employers, parents, and students. A suggested script, overhead transparencies, handout masters, presentation tips, sample evaluation, and school-to-work resources are included for each audience.

Work-based Learning: Train-the-Trainers Manual is a trainer resource for developing and promoting work-based learning awareness workshops. Developed as an outcome of train-the-trainer sessions led by the Hudson River Center, the manual includes a training plan, outlines, aids for the trainer, materials, information briefs, and sample documents.

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