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Parenting Education Training

Parenting Education is a three-day training workshop developed with support from New York State Even Start Family Literacy. The training addresses parent efficacy; parents' contribution to children's literacy and academic development; and how practitioners can plan instruction and assess parents' progress using the Parent Education Profile.The Parent Learning Profile is an important tool for gathering information about how parents are involved in their children's learning and how their actions affect their children's development and success, so using the tips and fill out and fax the registration form to register for this training.

Foundations in Family Literacy

Foundations in Family Literacy provides family literacy practitioners the foundation needed to fully understand and implement comprehensive family literacy programs. The training, developed by the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL), includes a basic overview of the principles and practices of family literacy and the scientifically-based research that supports those practices. Dates and locations of upcoming training workshops scheduled for 2004 are included on the registration form.