Hudson River Center is committed to getting the word out about good health, particularly to disadvantaged populations. It has authored many instructional guides (see below) and provided extensive staff development on teaching health. It currently plans to adapt its material for the Internet, which will allow for even greater access.

Instructional Design/Workshops
Health Promotion for Adult Literacy Students: An Empowering Approach is a multi-media instructional package consisting of a staff development videotape, teacher's guides, and student workbooks with accompanying audiocassette tapes. In developing this series, Hudson River Center informally polled adult learners on their health concerns. Their responses were translated into the following guides and workbooks:

Training workshops for using this multi-media package are available.

For six years, staff of Hudson River Center worked with the Centers for Disease Control and the New State Education Department to plan and facilitate training workshops on various aspects of HIV/AIDS education. Over 650 individuals from every state in the nation and from U.S. territories attended the 21 workshops.

Hudson River Center staff were instrumental in pulling together a document for educating incarcerated women and their children on developing healthy lifestyles. Healthy Horizons describes the who, what, why, where, when, and how of a program addressing smoking cessation, addiction, HIV/AIDS, and self-care. This document is helpful to those wishing to establish similar programs on developing healthy lifestyles. Not only a curriculum guide, the document is also a training tool with outlines and materials necessary for providers carrying out the program on a day-to-day basis.

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