Hudson River Center interprets the term “protection from harm” in its broadest sense. Protect means to shield from injury, danger, or loss; this injury or danger can be physical, emotional, psychological, verbal, or sexual. Harm can be inflicted on individuals or on whole groups, in public and private settings. The focus of our work in this field lies in instructional design and workshops.

Instructional Design
Hudson River Center has developed two sets of learning materials on keeping individuals with disabilities safe. Abuse and Neglect Prevention teaches caregivers about abuse and neglect, enhancing their skills to prevent such harm. The supervisors’ version of Abuse and Neglect Prevention extends the training to include creating work environments that support both individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. Both sets of learning materials include a trainer's outline, participant manual, and overhead transparencies. All are currently available in either an 8-or 12-hour format.

Designed for a similar population but delivered in a different format, What is Abuse? How Do We Prevent It? is a facilitated videotape training package. This package seeks to train caregivers on recognizing situations that may become abusive and on developing strategies to keep individuals with disabilities safe from harm. The training package includes a participant manual, trainer's guide, and videotape of less than an hour. Hudson River Center worked with YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities to modify its original Is This Abuse? video to more fully address the needs of the client.

Hudson River Center tailored its Abuse and Neglect Prevention materials to the needs of the state of Tennessee. Our trainers first conducted a train-the-trainers session for regional training staff and representatives of Tennessee’s Division of Mental Retardation Services.

Hudson River Center also participated in Tennessee’s regional Protection from Harm conferences. The bulk of these two-day sessions was devoted to Abuse and Neglect Prevention training materials. Participants were quick to comment that the workshop and manual were “refreshing," particularly in such a difficult and critical area.

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