Barbara E. Smith, Ed.D., is Hudson River Center's President and founder. Dr. Smith provided overall guidance for corporate operations and growth. In addition, Dr. Smith contributed to the initial stages of a project and on internet-related projects.

 Scott W. Jill, Hudson River Center's Executive Director, is responsible for the overall and day-to-day management and administration of the corporation. In addition, Mr. Jill is the organization's principal trainer and is the lead for project management activities.

 Kay S. Peavey  is the principal author and editor for Hudson River Center. Ms. Peavey is largely responsible for conducting research for curricula and training manuals as well as for writing, editing, and formatting all documents. Ms. Peavey is the lead for curriculum development.

Patricia King is Office Administrator at Hudson River Center. Ms. King ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the firm by supervising project administration, providing training support, and overseeing the publication process.

Kyle H. Kidder is a Project Associate with Hudson River Center. Hired to serve as an Even Start Family Literacy Program liaison, Mr. Kidder will also play a role in the research, writing and marketing process of other Hudson River Center projects.

Expert Consultants

Hudson River Center calls upon expert consultants as required by the specific needs of a project. These consultants complement and extend the knowledge base of Hudson River Center's on-site personnel. Our key consultants include content area specialists, trainers, evaluators, and web technology specialists.

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