Barbara E. Smith

Barbara E. Smith, Ed.D., was the founder and president of Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc. Dr. Smith had worked in a variety of content areas, performing in a wide range of capacities. Her content areas of specialty included:

Within each of these areas, Dr. Smith had developed curricula and instructional planning materials, planned and developed marketing and public awareness campaigns, developed training manuals, conducted training workshops, and managed intra- and inter-agency projects.

Among Dr. Smith's credits are a variety of publications, instructional packages, and videos. Her publications include the three-volume series entitled Education for Homeless Adults, the From Incarceration to Productive Lifestyles series, and Health Promotion for Adult Literacy Students: An Empowering Approach. Each of these publications provides users with information and strategies to integrate content with instruction in a user-friendly, professional, and easy-to-use format.

One of Dr. Smith's most recent curriculum development products was a student workbook entitled Time to Think About Change which was delivered to the New York State Department of Correctional Services. To develop this workbook, Dr. Smith managed the work of five independent consultants with expertise in alcoholism and substance abuse among incarcerated adults. The result of the project was a workbook of 120 self-directed learning activities that inmates in solitary confinement will use to initiate the process of alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

Recently, Dr. Smith had focused her energies toward utilizing technology for information and instructional purposes. Dr. Smith oversaw the development of  CyberLiteracy New York.  This website provides up-to-date policy information and the latest resources on adult education. Currently, Dr. Smith was capitalizing on her experience to create Internet-based lessons for adult literacy students.

Dr. Smith died on 1 December, 2003. We are going to miss her terribly.

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