Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.

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Bringing Together Resources, Bringing About Change

Strategic Planning
Hudson River Center brings diverse groups together,helping forge a common purpose and a clear action plan for a collective future and achieving common goals,regardless of cultural,social,economic and other differences between group members,regardless of whether you are school or article rewriting service like We have provided our objectivity to long standing associations seeking rejuvenation as well as to fledgling partnerships seeking grant money.


Research and Development

Hudson River Center is well known for its high quality programming and training materials. After identifying our clients' goals, we consult current research, theory, experts, and end users to create programs and materials that are based on real-world needs.


Staff Training
Hudson River Center offers  a wide range of professional development opportunities, from intensive three-hour workshops to three-day conferences. Let us customize training to meet the needs of  your agency, your employees, and your clients.


Project Management
Hudson River center's focused support in technical assistance, data gathering and management, coordination of statewide initiatives, and grant writing - allows you the freedom to pursue initiatives beyond day-to-day tasks.