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Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.


Strategic Planning


The following are examples of our work in strategic planning:

  • At the request of the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, Hudson River Center conducted a baseline assessment of the Adirondack Park Agency’s communication and training needs. The purpose of the assessment was two-fold: to identify individual perceptions and problems, and to establish baseline data for program direction and ongoing program evaluation. Hudson River Center used a four-step approach to successfully complete its work: focus group, survey design, survey implementation, and survey analysis.

  • Working with practitioners, Hudson River Center guided the development and implementation of performance indicators for Even Start Family Literacy partnerships. This performance measurement process involved facilitating meetings, conducting training workshops, and coordinating a pilot implementation study.

  • From planning for technology to forecasting professional development needs, Hudson River Center has worked extensively with New York State’s adult education teachers and administrators. For example:
  • Hudson River Center researched, developed, administered, and analyzed an on-line survey of technology planning for adult education programs in upstate New York.
  • Using a focus group format, Hudson River Center gathered input regarding the training necessary for adult education staff to implement the Workforce Investment Act. A summary report was presented to the New York State Education Department and to consortia directors for both statewide and local planning purposes.

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