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Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.


Project Management


The following are examples of our work in project management:

  • The New York State Even Start Technical Assistance contract was awarded to Hudson River Center to support the implementation of new, and enhancement of existing, Even Start Family Literacy partnerships. This occurred through professional development, technical assistance, and product development services. 

  • Hudson River Center provided support to the New York State Education Department by creating and operating a performance measurement system for adult basic and adult secondary education programs in New York State. For this effort, Hudson River Center created reporting instruments, wrote computer programs to compile data, and provided data management policy analysis.

  • Hudson River Center fostered the services of New York State¬ís Technical Assistance Team for incarcerated education. This team of experienced educators and corrections officers from local programs was a problem solving and information gathering vehicle for the incarcerated education community. 

  • To demonstrate the long-term effectiveness of the New York State Transition Program for incarcerated individuals, Hudson River Center supported the development, implementation, and evaluation of a performance measurement system to study outcomes of transition participants.

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