Fire Safety

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Fires and burns are the second most common cause of death among children because they can't always escape fire and smoke inhalation. Most home fires happen between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., while you're sleeping.

Smoke detectors can stop the risk of dying in 86 percent of fires. The law says all homes must have smoke detectors. If yours is battery-operated, be sure to test it every month. Change the batteries every six months to a year. All smoke detectors should be checked twice a year to be sure they're working right. If you can't afford a smoke detector, contact your local fire department to find out how to get one for little or no cost. There should be at least one smoke detector on every floor.

To keep your children from being burned in a fire, teach them about fire safety, what the smoke detector sounds like, and what to do if they hear it.

Take extra steps to keep fires from starting: