Have someone print this worksheet so you can take it home to show your family or friends. It is very important to plan exits for your family or friends in case of fire. After you have talked to them, discuss their reactions with your teacher, tutor, or other students. If you have a journal, write down their reactions.

rPlan at least twoemergency escape routes and hold fire drills to practice leaving the house quickly.

r Dress children in pajamas that won't burn. Follow washing instructions on the tag. Be sure there is nothing to trip on.

r Set up a meeting place outside. Teach children to go outside to the meeting place if they smell smoke.

rRead directions and follow fire rules when using space heaters. Be sure they are safely installed and that you take good care of them.

r Put small heaters and stoves away from furniture and other things that burn like curtains and rugs, where they can't be tipped over. Keep children away from them.

r Put "Tot Finder" or "People Protector" stickers in windows of children, the elderly, or the handicapped.

r Show children how to feel doors for heat and how to cover their noses and mouths while crawling to avoid smoke. Be sure they know never to go back inside a burning building!

r Teach children how to "stop, drop, and roll" to put out flames if clothes catch on fire.

r Teach older children the safe way to use hot things like heaters, irons, or stoves so they don't start fires. Iron clothes when young children aren't around so they can't pull the iron down on top of themselves.

r Keep matches and lighters out of children's reach.

r Get rid of matches, lighters, and butts safely.

r Keep ash trays out of reach so children can't touch hot cigarettes or eat ashes.

r Keep a working fire extinguisher handy. Help children learn how to use it.

r Keep towels, curtains, sheets, blankets and other things that burn away from heaters, stoves, and fireplaces.

r Don't use extension cords. Children may pull or chew on them, which can cause shocks or electrical fires.

r Have chimneys inspected and cleaned every year.

r Inspect wood-burning equipment regularly and keep it away from small children.

r Never let children play with fireworks.