Adult Education

AERG and the Learning Experiences introduces the Adult Education Resource Guide and Learning Standards (AERG) instructional guide. The concepts discussed in the guide are applied to creating meaningful learning experiences for adult learners. Upon completion of this training, participants can:

Selection of Best Practices explores the selection of best practices in adult education. Featuring New York State's learning standards for education, this workshop helps participants raise standards, build capacity, and measure results. Upon completion of the training session, they can:

Technology for Interactive Classrooms, Interactive Learners offers tips on creating interactive classrooms. Focusing on videos, the internet, and other media, this workshop helps participants:

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Citizenship Preparation

Citizenship Preparation introduces the citizenship preparation supplement to the Adult Education Resource Guide and Learning Standards. The instructional guide updates adult education practitioners on the naturalization process. Specifically, participants of this training session will:

Comprehensive Approach to Citizenship Preparation Education transcends the "100 Questions" of civics testing. It explores New York State's multi-tiered approach for individuals seeking education on U.S. citizenship and study of the English language. Specifically, participants learn:

On Common Ground Training demonstrates how to use the On Common Ground video series. The 15-video episodes and accompanying print material of this series depict modern-day stories of real people, demonstrating what it means to be a citizen of the United States. Upon completion of the training, participants can:

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Corrections Education

Making the Pre-Apprenticeship Connection presents strategies to connect pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs for a mutual benefit. Highlights of this workshop were recently presented at the 56th Annual International Correctional Education Association Conference. Specifically, participants will explore:

Setting Standards for Transition describes a process driven by program strengths, challenges, and needs. Upon completion of the workshop, participants can:

Symposium for Recognizing Best Practices is designed to promote sharing among colleagues. Unique aspects of particularly successful programs are highlighted. Upon conclusion of the symposium, participants can:

Transition Programs: Bridging the Gap features the instructional guide of the same name. The guide was developed to share the collective wisdom and experience of education professionals who have successfully guided the transition of hundreds of incarcerated youth and adults back to the community. Objectives of the training session are to:

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Family Literacy

Foundations in Family Literacy training is presented as a three-day workshop that provides an overview of the principles and practices of family literacy and the research that supports those practices.


Bringing Family Literacy to Incarcerated Settings introduces the instructional guide of the same name. The guide includes a description of various program designs, resources, and sample forms. Objectives of the training session are for participants to:

Intergenerational Learning and Family Literacy explores several questions, namely: "What is the primary activity of family literacy? What are its major components? How can it be connected to adult and continuing education?" Upon completion of this training session, participants can:

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Protection From Harm

Protection from Harm Training for Direct Care Workers and Supervisors helps ensure that individuals with disabilities are safe and receive quality care. The training session is appropriate for direct caregivers, managers, and supervisors. Objectives of the training are to:

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Social Marketing

Social Marketing teaches participants how to apply social marketing techniques to promote their agency or cause. Adhering to four basic principles can make any recruitment and retention effort a success! Participants leave the training session with:

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