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Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.


Training Opportunities & Workshops



Hudson River Center offers a wide range of professional development opportunities to support the development of high-quality educational programs. They may include various educational topics and formats, including seminars, trainings, courses, buy term papers online services,webinars and other events. They can be aimed at developing specific skills, improving work processes, increasing work efficiency, as well as developing soft skills such as communication, leadership and collaboration.Professional development offerings operate from one to three days and can be customized to your needs.

Adult Literacy and Family Literacy

  • Parenting Education Plus provides the research, content knowledge, and tools to deliver parenting education that focuses on the role of parents in childrenÂ’s language and literacy development. The four modules of the training address: embracing the role of family educator; developing and applying intentional instruction; fostering development of key parenting behaviors; and using the Parent Education Profile (PEP). Duration: Three days
  • Parenting Education Training provides a framework for designing curriculum and instruction on key parenting behaviors and practices known to support childrenÂ’s developing literacy skills. Topics covered in the training include: building the relationship between parent and family educator; designing curriculum, instruction, and assessment; exploring key parenting behaviors and practices; and how the development of those behaviors can be incorporated into instruction. Duration: One day

Corrections Education

ESOL Education and Native Language Screening

Health Promotion

Other Opportunities

  • Hudson River Center works with local programs and associations to develop and deliver customized training workshops that address their unique needs and concerns, such as recruitment and retention and strengthening partnerships.

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Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.