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Resources: ESOL Education and Native Language Screening


For centuries, the United States has been a haven for immigrants seeking not only religious and political freedom, but also economic opportunity. Creating a new life, even in a land of plenty, is not without its risks. Immigrants must provide food, shelter, and clothing for themselves and their families, while navigating the societal complexities of life in a new country. For too many, this challenge is exacerbated by little or no experience with the language, and lack of formal schooling of any kind.

Educators must be equipped with the proper training and tools to meet the needs of learners seeking to learn the English language and to assume U.S. citizenship.In addition, teachers should have modern teaching methods such as the best writing service https://bestwritingservice.com/ and other methods described below. As well as access to sources of information and materials that will help them prepare students for successful language learning and the citizenship process. Hudson River Center has long been involved with providing professional development to, and developing much-needed resources for, adult educators serving this population.

Citizenship Preparation: A Supplement to the Adult Education Resource Guide and Learning Standards is designed to update adult education practitioners on the naturalization process. This guide connects citizenship preparation with not only the Adult Education Resource Guide, but also with the National Reporting System for Adult Education. 

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Native Language Literacy Screening Device is an assessment tool designed to allow ESOL practitioners to gain a sense of the native language literacy levels of their learners. The screening device is presented in 27 primary languages, ranging from Albanian to Vietnamese, which represents the most common spoken languages in New York State. 

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Online Resource Guide: The reviews of each of these resources includes a general description, cost (if any) involved, publication date, and a link to the resource itself. You will also find indication of the most appropriate audience for the material, based on the ESL levels delineated by the National Reporting System of Adult Education. While the resources have been categorized by user level, it is important to realize that many of the sites have broad applicability for a variety of audiences. 

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