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Hudson River Center Staff


Kay Peavey
Principal Author and Editor

Kay Peavey


Ms. Peavey has worked with the Hudson River Center since its incorporation in 1989. Of all the activities in which she has been involved, Ms. Peavey has first and foremost been a writer. She has authored many documents for Hudson River Center, including: 

  • Bringing Family Literacy to Incarcerated Settings: An Instructional Guide 
  • CDOS: A Supplement to the AERG 
  • Citizenship Preparation: A Supplement to the AERG 
  • Education for Homeless Adults: Strategies for Implementation (Volume II)
  • Marketing Rural Adult Education 
  • Technology in Adult Literacy: Evaluation Interactive Media

Co-authoring with Barbara E. Smith, Ed.D., Ms. Peavey also wrote: 

  • Reference Manual for Early Intervention Services: Changing Directions 
  • Making the Transition: An Instructional Guide for Change 
  • Work-based Learning: A Resource Guide for Change

A prime example of her editing ability is the extensive work she completed pulling together the contributions of five separate authors for the several hundred-page curriculum Time to Think About Change. She also edited the Native Language Literacy Screening Device, a multi-language assessment tool for adult education programs.

Ms. Peavey oversees the design of all Hudson River Center documents, including flyers, postcards, conference booklets, training handouts, instructional guides, and evaluations. Heavy involvement in the planning phases of all events allows her to succinctly capture the essence of whatever message is to be delivered.

Hudson River Center has long been involved with video production, often used in conjunction with professional development training sessions. Ms. Peavey was instrumental in planning and coordinating several videotapes, including Peer Review in Adult Education and Linking Good Health and Literacy.

The latter of these two videotapes introduces and demonstrates how to use Health Promotion for Adult Literacy Students: An Empowering Approach. Health Promotion is an instructional package providing important health information at a reading level appropriate to adults with low reading skills. The series includes the videotape, teacher's guides, and student workbooks with accompanying audiocassette tapes (production of which was coordinated by Ms. Peavey). Ms. Peavey also produced and edited Health Promotion Update, a newsletter to update the information in the series.

Ms. Peavey provides technical assistance on not only health promotion, but also on adult education and making materials easy to read.


Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.