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Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.


Hudson River Center Staff


Kyle H. Kidder
Project Associate

Kyle Kidder


Kyle H. Kidder is a Project Associate with Hudson River Center. Mr. Kidder primarily serves as Even Start Family Literacy Program liaison, but also plays a minor role in the research, writing, and marketing process of other Hudson River Center projects.

In the short time Mr. Kidder has been with Hudson River Center, he has worked diligently with State Education Department to promote the success of Even Start Family Literacy. His broad base of responsibilities ranges from event management of statewide professional development to writing and developing grant applications. With an educational background in public relations and several internships in the field of marketing, he brings an extensive range of skills and abilities to the Hudson River Center team and prides himself on his excellent communication skills and determination to get the job done.


Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.