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Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.


Corporate Values


Hudson River Center’s success in providing outstanding services to our customers stems from four key corporate values:

We are committed to delivering high quality products. From curricula to conferences, Hudson River Center emphasizes planning, preparation, attention to details, and evaluation. National recognition of our curricula and positive evaluations from conference participants attest to our attention to quality.

The employees and consultants are involved in project management decision-making and planning. This ensures that the collective wisdom and experience of Hudson River Center is reflected in its deliverables. Involvement also promotes effectiveness and efficiency. 

Hudson River Center meets the needs of its customers and product users. For each product, Hudson River Center staff and consultants meet with potential users to determine specific requirements as the first step in the development process. Deliverables are thusly responsive to customer needs, both in content and timeliness. 

Hudson River Center is inclined to make available to the public, whenever possible, all of the resources that have been developed using public funds with the hope that somehow these resources will improve someone's life. 


Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.