Poison-Proof Checklist

Have someone print this list and take it home to check for poisons. Tell your family or friends, especially children, about poisons and what to do. Talk about what poisons you found in your home and how you and your family felt about it with your classmates and teacher or tutor. If you keep a journal, write about this worksheet. Never tell children that medicine or vitamins are candy. Be honest and tell them that it is medicine to make the bad germs go away and they only need it if they're very sick. Medicines can be deadly in larger doses, especially to children.Never mix any cleaning or other household products together. When combined, some products, such as bleach and ammonia, give off a lethal gas that can kill quickly.Never touch knobs on a [gas] stove. If your gas stove is not self-lighting, poisonous gas could accidentally leak out. Back