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Section 1235 of the William F. Goodling Even Start Family Literacy Programs Statute and Chapters 5 - 6 of the Guidance for the William F. Goodling Even Start Family Literacy Programs address the staffing required by federal legislation. New York State calls for additional credentials and experience in the staff paid for with Even Start Family Literacy funds. 

Programs must hire staff who not only meet federal and state stipulations, but who also "connect" with the targeted population of low-income families and support the mission of the Even Start Family Literacy program. In particular, programs should hire staff who understand the languages and culture of the participating families.

Oftentimes, staff members are hired by different partner agencies. It is important, therefore, that policy and procedures concerning roles and responsibilities of all staff are formally noted and understood by all involved. While coordinators may not necessarily provide formal staff supervision, they are responsible for interacting with their staff in a fair, consistent, and timely manner so as to encourage positive staff morale and retention.

Q3-1: Who hires Even Start Family Literacy staff?
Q3-2: How do I staff my Even Start Family Literacy program?
Q3-3: When hiring instructional staff, what qualities should I seek?
Q3-4: What are the requirements for a program coordinator?
Q3-5: What are the requirements for individuals providing academic instruction?
Q3-6: What are the requirements for individuals who provide support for academic instruction?
Q3-7: What are the certification requirements for instructional staff not paid with federal Even Start Family Literacy funds?
Q3-8: Our program hired a certified teacher in early childhood education to oversee teaching assistants who are home visitors. What responsibilities can this person be assigned?
Q3-9: How do partnerships provide adequate and appropriate staff supervision?
Q3-10: How does my program keep current on Even Start Family Literacy policies and practices?
Q3-11: How often do I offer professional development opportunities to my staff?
Q3-12: What type of professional development do I make available to my staff?
Q3-13: As the program coordinator, how do I serve as a leader and visionary?
Q3-14: As the program coordinator of an Even Start Family Literacy program, what are my responsibilities?
Q3-15: What are our responsibilities if we suspect abuse or neglect is occurring in one of the families we serve?

Q3-16: A CBO hired a coordinator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology. She was in the Peace Corps for two years where she taught school age children and provided some adult education. Since she is employed by the CBO she is unable to receive adult education certification. In absence of that certification, what experience would qualify her to meet the requirement of a program coordinator who is certified?

Q3-17: What are the requirements for obtaining adult education certification?

Q3-18: The State requires program coordinators to have training in the administration of family literacy programs. What training workshops meet this requirement? Can mentoring for new coordinators count towards this requirement?

(Revised March 2006)

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