New York State Even Start Family Literacy


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Partnership, Collaboration, and Coordination


While Even Start Family Literacy provides some direct services, its goal is to implement cooperative projects that build on high-quality existing community resources. Even Start Family Literacy partnerships coordinate services, identify gaps, and implement new programs to meet the educational needs of families. Through home visits, family educators link families with the services that match their goals. Central to this process is building collaborative relationships with a wide variety of educational services and community agencies.

Q4-1: What is a partnership and what are collaborating agencies?
Q4-2: How do partnerships operate?
Q4-3: What makes Even Start Family Literacy partnerships successful?
Q4-4: What should be included in the written agreement between partners?
Q4-5: Whom should I invite to collaborate with the partnership?
Q4-6: What can I expect from collaborating agencies?
Q4-7: What are some strategies to engage my collaborators?
Q4-8: Some of the children who participate in our Even Start Family Literacy program receive education from a collaborating agency. How can I ensure they are receiving a high-quality education?


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