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Financial Management


In stating the purpose of Even Start Family Literacy, the Statute indicates that programs "…shall be implemented through cooperative projects that build on high-quality existing community resources to create a new range of services." To do so, the partnership must access in-kind funds from the local community to match the support provided by federal funds. During the course of the project, the amount of the local match will increase. The local partnership must carefully manage its federal funding and continually strive to secure services from a wide range of sources, thereby increasing its local in-kind funding. 

In managing the project funding, program administrators must understand which expenditures are allowed under the statute and ensure relevant New York State regulations are followed. Coordinators ensure that budget allocation reflects the educational needs of families and oversee allocation of expenditures.

Q5-1: What services can be paid for with Even Start Family Literacy funds?
Q5-2: How is an Even Start Family Literacy project funded?
Q5-3: What is the process for accessing Even Start Family Literacy funding from the New York State Education Department?
Q5-4: What is the process for changing the budget once it is submitted?
Q5-5: What expenses are allowable under Even Start Family Literacy?
Q5-6: What constitutes indirect costs?
Q5-7: What are the fiscal guidelines that this project must follow?
Q5-8: What constitutes a fiscal program year for Even Start Family Literacy?
Q5-9: What is allowable for an in-kind match? What are examples of in-kind matches?
Q5-10: Who is the fiscal agent for this grant?


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