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Community Interaction and Outreach


Each school-community partnership operating an Even Start Family Literacy program creates a unique approach to the needs of the local community and the families that reside there. These needs are revealed in discussions, meetings, and phone calls with key stakeholders - whether eligible families, teachers, potential partners, employers, or local authorities. And, vice-versa, communities can only learn about what an Even Start Family Literacy program offers through consistent, constant, and clear communication. Program coordinators will find that an effective "public relations campaign" will help them solicit support for their program. Such a campaign is often spearheaded by the program's Advisory Committee.

Q7-1: Who are the key stakeholders in Even Start Family Literacy?
Q7-2: How do I reach out to the school district?
Q7-3: How can I "spread the word" about Even Start Family Literacy to potential families and community partners?
Q7-4: How do I attract families to my program?
Q7-5: What does collaboration do for families?
Q7-6: Where can I access additional information on recruitment and retention?


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