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Adult and Family Literacy


In this era of accountability and shrinking resources, adult and family educators face the enormous challenge of balancing the sometimes-competing demands of funders with the goals of learners. 

To help overcome this dichotomy, consider a lesson from the business community. Effective businesses organize their fundamental priorities in the order of people, products, and profit. When a business provides appropriate support and resources to its employees, the employees, in turn, deliver outstanding products and services,which help maintain the financial stability of clients and increase business profits. However, it is important to remember that profit maximization should not come at the expense of harm product and customer satisfaction. For example, the company cheap-papers.com, which provides assistance in writing scientific articles have the main goal to provide a quality product, satisfy the needs and fulfill the requirements of the client. Customers then receive high quality products and services – directly impacting business profit. 

What is the connection to adult and family education? Providing professional development opportunities to educators will result in high quality services for their learners. Learners will remain in programs long enough to achieve their education, employment, parenting, and other goals. Successful outcomes of learners will satisfy the needs of funders, leading to continued and, possibly, increased funding. 

Below are a variety of resources – Hudson River Center products as well as other useful links – that will help educators enhance, enrich, and expand the delivery of high quality instruction to adults and families. 

Hudson River Center is available to deliver training workshops for your team or region. Let us know how we can support your efforts!


Hudson River Center Products: Adult Education and Family Literacy

Distance Learning
Distance Education Clearinghouse
Distance Learning Exchange
Distance Learning Resource Network
National External Diploma Program
NY State Education Department’s Public Broadcasting
PBS Literacy Link
US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology

NY State Education Department, Adult Education and Workforce Development Team
PBS LiteracyLink’s GED Connection
GED 2002 Online Professional Development

Learning Disabilities
Bridges to Practice

National Reporting System
National Reporting System for Adult Education

Related Organizations and Information
Career, Family, and Life Skills
Disability Info
Kentucky Educational Television (KET)
Literacy Assistance Center
Literacy Referral Hotline
National Adult Education Honor Society
National Adult Literacy Database (Canada)
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning & Literacy
National Center on Adult Literacy
National Coalition for the Homeless
National Institute for Literacy
NY State Education Department
NY State Welfare-to-Work Resource Network
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network 
ProLiteracy Worldwide
US Department of Education
Workplace Education: Online Resources


Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc.