The School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994 offers the nation resources to help bring about systemic educational reform by preparing students to make a successful transition from school-to-work and careers. As identified in the act, such a system will have three essential components: school-based learning, work-based learning (WBL), and connections between the two.

HRCPD has worked with the New York State Education Department to promote the implementation of school-to-work opportunities across the state. Our activities included:

Developing Print Resources

Work-Based Learning: A Resource Guide for Change was created to help stakeholders develop and refine work-based learning strategies. The guide first introduces basic information about work-based learning: scope, foundation, categories, and operation. The "how-to" section of the guide provides more detail about the various WBL activities, exemplified by numerous case studies. Many valuable forms relating to the operation of WBL activities are also included in the Resource Guide. Actual working documents from across New York State: forms addressing Program Planning, Parent/Guardian Forms, Employer Agreements, Student Entry, Student Training Planning, Workplace Assignments, Student Assessment, Program Evaluation, and Previsits and Postvisits are available for download. The appendices of the Resource Guide provide information on a variety of related topics, such as labor law, working with students with disabilities, etc. An acronym glossary as well as a glossary of common school-to-work terms are also featured as appendices. The appendices are also available for download. To order a hard copy of the guide call 1-877-761-0073 (toll free).

School-to-Work Promotional Packets are designed as companion pieces to Scholastic's Imagine Our Future. The material consists of four presentation packets targeted to: parents, students, administrators, and employers. Each packet includes a script, templates for transparencies, handouts ----everything you need to promote School-to-Work in your community. These materials were prepared by BJ Smith Associates and appear on this site with their permission.

Conducting Staff Development and Planning Sessions

Train-the-Trainer workshops on using Work-based Learning: A Resource Guide for Change and School-to-Work Promotional Packets make the most of the information in the documents. You will leave these interactive, hands-on trainings with action plans and enthusiasm for promoting School-to-Work.

HRCPD applies it's extensive experience in training, facilitating, and planning to the implementation and promotion of school-to-work opportunities. We work with you to develop and conduct sessions that fit the specific needs of your organization.

For more information on how we can help you in your school-to-work efforts, contact us at:

For more information on the School-to-Work initiative, contact the National School-to-Work Office or telephone (1-800) 251-7236.

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