Homeless Adults

Education for homeless adults is principally no different than education for all adults: it is a process through which students are empowered to improve their current situation. Providers of adult literacy services can help build the skills and knowledge necessary for homeless adults to cope, survive, and achieve self-sufficiency. The national award-winning 3-volume series Education for Homeless Adults: Strategies for Implementation is a valuable resource for educators of homeless adults and other populations.

Volume I - Strategies for Implementation

The premier volume focuses on the challenges of teaching homeless adults: defining homelessness, identifying what teachers of the homeless need, and discussing recruitment and retention of this population. A bibliography and 24 sample lessons, complete with handouts, are also included.

Volume II - Resources and Additional Lessons

Volume II continues what the previous one spawned by offering resources and additional sample lessons to be used in working with homeless adults. Experienced educators contributed suggestions on specific resources (print, nonprint, and instructional materials) that are most helpful, how to access them, and how to most efficiently use them.

Volume III - Family Literacy and More Lessons

The first section of this volume describes a family literacy approach for homeless adults and children. Extensive bibliographies are included. Strategies for implementing sample lessons make up the second section. The sample lessons provided in this volume are cross-referenced with the lessons in the previous volumes, bringing the total number of sample lessons to over 70.

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