Hudson River Center is proud to present Child Safety: A Web-based Instructional Resource. Though the world is filled with divergent views, values, and ideologies, one common thread is our love for our children. We all want to keep them safe from harm. We hope you find this resource useful in keeping your children safe. To access, you need either a Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 browser (or later). Netscape 3.0 can be used, but some of the graphics may not translate well. To access the sound, you must have at least Real Player 8. The basic version can be downloaded free.

And now our thanks! The New York State Education Department originally funded Child Safety: A Healthy Start from which this resource was developed. Special thanks go to Web Camp, a partnership among the Literacy Assistance Center of New York City, the New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education, Boston's Adult Literacy Resource Institute, and Vermont Adult Learning. This partnership has been instrumental in the development of user-friendly sites for adult learners. For additional information, go to Web Camp 2000.

And now, let's begin Child Safety! Click here to set the scene.