(a) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in subsection (b), eligible participants in an Even Start program are - 
(1) a parent or parents - 
(A) who are eligible for participation in adult education and literacy activities under the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act; or
(B) who are within the State's compulsory school attendance age range, so long as a local educational agency provides (or ensures the availability of) the basic education component required under this subpart, or who are attending secondary school; and
(2) the child or children, from birth through age 7, of any individual described in paragraph (1).
(1) IN GENERAL- Family members of eligible participants described in subsection (a) may participate in activities and services provided under this subpart, when appropriate to serve the purpose of this subpart.
(2) SPECIAL RULE- Any family participating in a program assisted under this subpart that becomes ineligible to participate as a result of one or more members of the family becoming ineligible to participate may continue to participate in the program until all members of the family become ineligible to participate, which - 
(A) in the case of a family in which ineligibility was due to the child or children of the family attaining the age of 8, shall be in 2 years or when the parent or parents become ineligible due to educational advancement, whichever occurs first; and
(B) in the case of a family in which ineligibility was due to the educational advancement of the parent or parents of the family, shall be when all children in the family attain the age of 8.
(3) CHILDREN 8 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER- If an Even Start program assisted under this subpart collaborates with a program under part A, and funds received under the part A program contribute to paying the cost of providing programs under this subpart to children 8 years of age or older, the Even Start program may, notwithstanding subsection (a)(2), permit the participation of children 8 years of age or older if the focus of the program continues to remain on families with young children

For the full text of the William F. Goodling Even Start Family Literacy Program Statute, go to Online Resources.