Strategies to Ensure Staff Safety

Sullivan I and II

Home visits are crucial to the Sullivan and Partners in Learning programs (Sullivan I & II). This rural program ensures the safety of its instructional staff by insisting that they carry cell phones. This is particularly important as many of the families are without phone service. Staff members also complete a calendar of their home visit schedule on a monthly basis, updating it as changes occur. They are asked to call into the program when on the road or if a change in location occurs. These procedures help ensure the safety of the staff as well as allow them to be contacted should an emergency arise when away from the office.

If a home to be visited is in a questionable location, staff members have been instructed to ask a fellow staff member to accompany them. If a referral to a family who lives in a potentially unsafe location is made by another agency (such as Department of Family Services, Early Intervention, or the school social worker), a person from that agency may be asked to accompany the family educator.

In situations where threatening or uncomfortable activity is witnessed, another site should be designated for the home visit (such as a library or other public place). 

Additional Strategies

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